Why is Replica Green Submariner selling better than Black Submariner Watch?


The Replica Green Rolex Submariner watch appearance is more brilliant, the most intuitive difference between Green Submariner and Black Submariner is the color. Compared with the calm and low-key Black Submariner, Green Submariner's flamboyant green color is younger, more public and more conspicuous. Many modern people wear watches in order to show their status, personality and taste. Compared with the low-key Black Submariner, the publicity of the subtle Green Submariner is more popular, especially for people who are not so old. Of course, everyone ’s aesthetics are different. Some people just think that Black Submariner is better than Green Submariner. So the appearance of the color is not only the color, but also the material. We all know that the "Green Submariner" surface is a "green gold" coating coated with PVD technology, and its specific material ratio has always been a secret. Buy the best Replica Green Rolex Submariner watch here replicasale.me

The most fundamental reason is that Green Rolex Submariner has less production than Black Submariner. It is said that there are about ten Black Submariner before there is one Green Rolex Submariner. Rolex's pricing for Green Submariner is higher than Black Submariner. This may be determined by the number of production. The lower the output, the higher the single cost. It may also be because the green ceramic circle process cost is higher than the black circle, as rumored. Because the output of Green Submariner is less, the rare and valuable are naturally more popular. Of course, no matter whether it is Green Submariner or Black Submariner, Rolex's output is not low, but more people want it, so "the monks are more meatless", it feels like they are always out of stock. Here replica watches online shop

Replica Green Rolex Submariner appeared earlier than Black Submariner. And Green Submariner is more expensive than Black Submariner. Although it is not much expensive, there is a mentality: the more expensive the better. It is estimated that the rumor that the green ceramic circle process cost is higher than the black circle (or it may be true). And the hotter the Green Submariner, the more people want it, and the harder it is to buy. The more difficult it is to buy, the more it rises, and the more people buy it. People's follow-up psychology causes the more tight they are, the more they like to buy, and the spray is not available (such as hype). Of course, this is not to say that you must not buy hot watches with high cold, which better submariner?