In fact, the design of Rolex's strap is also very characteristic, counting the current Rolex 6 strap types, in addition to the leather strap, the other can be identified at a glance.


Oyster Strap
Three of Rolex's most classic inventions are the waterproof Oyster structure, the revolutionary Perpetual classic of the automatic rotor, and the dial “Datejust”. Accompanied by the classic oyster structure is the oyster strap. Introduced in the late 1930s, this sturdy metal strap with three rows of links is still an important design of the Oyster watch series. This strap is used in the entire professional watch series, as well as classic models such as diary, day of the week and Sky-Dweller. For example, the most commonly used water ghosts at home and abroad are oyster straps. This strap can be equipped with all types of Rolex buckles (oyster buckle, oyster safety buckle and crown buckle) and can be fitted with an easy-to-adjust chain extension system.

Headband Strap
The headband is very domineering at first. It is a unique and exquisite metal strap with three rows of semi-circular links. It is a strap specially made for the famous Oyster Perpetual Day of the Week calendar type watch introduced in 1956. That's right, it is the famous president's watch. Does the name of the heads-of-the-band watch come from the president's watch? The heads-of-the-kind bracelet has been in use to this day, and it is now assembled on the day-of-the-week watch and a specific date-type precious metal ladies watch, usually equipped with a Rolex elegant concealed crown buckle.

Memorial strap
Unlike the oyster strap and the head-type strap, the commemorative strap is a flexible and comfortable five-row link metal strap. It is specially designed for the Oyster Perpetual Date Watch, which was released in 1945. Classical and very refined. Commemorative straps are usually equipped with Rolex's elegant concealed crown buckle. Some people say that Rolex DJ without dog ring and five-bead chain has no soul, and it can be seen that the strap is deeply rooted in people's hearts.

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Alligator leather strap
The Rolex that we are familiar with may be mostly metal straps, but this does not mean that Rolex does not have a belt watch. In fact, there is a series of Rolex that all use leather straps, that is, the Cellini series. In order to present the purest traditional style, the Rolex Cellini watch is equipped with a precious alligator leather strap, and 18ct gold buckle that matches the case gold. However, the 2017 new Cellini Moon Phase watch is equipped with 18ct eternal rose gold folding crown buckle, which is the first time to use this buckle in the Cellini series. Of course, the crocodile leather strap is not only used in the Cellini series, but also in the Rolex Day Calendar watch, and the color is quite rich richard mille replica.

Rubber strap
Once, rubber straps were synonymous with cheap, but now people's perception of rubber straps is also changing, and more and more top watch brands have begun to try rubber straps, even as high as cold as Patek Philippe, Breguet Such a top watch brand. So it's not surprising that conservatives such as Rolex also began to have rubber straps. Rolex's first rubber strap watch was a yacht masterpiece launched at the Baselworld 2015, and it became very popular once it was launched. Now, in addition to the Yacht-Master, Rolex has also started to use rubber straps in its Daytona collection. Rolex's rubber strap is named OYSTERFLEX.It was developed and patented by Rolex and is a sporty design that can replace metal straps. The strap is connected to the case and the oyster safety clasp by an elastic titanium-nickel alloy sheet. The high-performance black rubber covers the metal sheet, making the watch not easy to be affected in various environmental conditions. It is durable and stable. To ensure more comfortable wearing, the Oysterflex strap is equipped with a patented longitudinal cushioning system that secures the watch to the wrist.
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Many people may pay too much attention to Rolex men's watches and ignore their women's watches. However, Rolex's women's watches are also a big part of it. One type of strap is more specifically designed for women's watches, that is, PEARLMASTER , Chinese is also called pearl lady-type strap. This sensual and elegant gold strap with five rows of ring links is specially designed for the Pearlmaster watch launched in 1992. Pearlmaster strap with concealed crown buckle.