1:1 Replica Watch Patek Philippe 5205G-013 V2 Version


At this years Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, Patek Philippe launched a new series of complications, including the worlds first minute repeater watch that can report local time, the Nautilus series of perpetual calendar watches, and the first Aquanaut chronograph. As well as the new manual-winding chronograph, the new extraordinary timepiece covers many technical features and design highlights, which is breathtaking.
Among them, the moon phase annual calendar watch of the complication timepiece series continues the brand's consistent classic design, adding the practical annual calendar function and moon phase function, deducing the perfect fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and practical functions. (Watch model: 5205G-013), GR factory recently launched a new 1:1 replica watch version, a total of three colors.

1:1 Replica Watch Patek Philippe 5205G-013 V2 Version

The elegant blue-black gradient effect of the Patek Philippe 5205G-013 replica watch dial is the same as the original product. The two-tone sunburst dial shows a charming blue-black gradient effect from the inside out under the sunlight. It is elegant and dynamic, full of charm. There are three windows arranged in an arc, displaying the day of the week, the date and the month and the time is displayed by three hands with luminous light. The original case size is 40MM1.36, and the GF version is 39.711.8. Although it is not exactly the same, it is very close. You cant feel it when you get started. The original material is platinum, and the GF is 316 stainless steel, so the weight is Will be lighter.

The crown is polished by a polishing process, and it is engraved with the classic Patek Philippe Calatrava cross star logo. The non-slip texture design is used around it. The hand feels first-class and easy to adjust the daily time. The new 1:1 replica watches Patek Philippe 5205G-013 V2 Version (Launched by findreplicawatches.is) is equipped The Caliber 324 S QALU 24H/206 self-winding movement is actually a modification of the Citizen movement. The stability is medium. If the chain is fully wound, it can provide at least 24 hours of power reserve. The bottom of the watch adopts a back-through design. , Now the position of the balance wheel has also been corrected. Last years position was incorrect

Its strap is calfskin, the original is alligator leather. In general, the replica Patek Philippe 5205G watch produced by the GR factory is good in craftsmanship, and it is excusable not to use platinum. After all, its price is one-twentieth of the price of a genuine 5205G, which is similar to the replica The above appearance is remarkable, and friends who like it can try it out. Patek Philippe with such complicated functions is playing with mentality.

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