1:1 Replica Watch Blue Rolex Submariner 116659 Diamonds Bezel


The blue dial, sapphire bezel, and the lugs are set with diamonds. This is not ordinary. It is the Rolex Submariner 116659. It is equipped with the more stable 3135 movement that has stood the test of time. It is reported that this watch is limited to 20 in the world. It is known as the top matching Submariner, and it claims to be owned by a handful of people, even less than the Rolex original rainbow Daytona. So it is not a rolex that you can buy if you have money, because the quantity is very small, so many people will use Blue Rolex Submariner for diamond setting. The 1:1 Blue Rolex Submariner inlaid Moissanite bezel from the N factory can satisfy all your dreams.

1:1 Replica Watch Blue Rolex Submariner 116659

First of all, we inlaid blue Moissan diamonds on the 1:1 Blue Rolex Submariner replica watch to make the entire dial feel darker blue. To be honest, the first look at the front is very bright, shiny, luxurious, and very individual. ! Familiar old iron probably knows that the general camera and mobile phone will be too flashy, and the real object will shine more. Here is the genuine reference Rolex Submariner 116659, and here is best replica.

Its watch diameter is 40mm, 1:1 replica Blue Rolex Submariner adopts the traditional Oyster case and three-row chain design. In addition to the dark blue dial, in view of the importance of the diving function of the Submariner series, the first 9 bezels are specially selected A light blue sapphire is used to indicate the decompression countdown. The side is also polished, and VS-grade double-row diamonds are also inlaid on both sides of the lugs, adding a touch of calmness to this 1:1 Replica Watch Blue Rolex Submariner 116659. The diamond-studded lugs pursue left-right symmetry. Not only suitable for wearing when traveling around the world, but also suitable for attending any occasion. https://www.findreplicawatches.is get more.

1:1 Replica Watch Blue Rolex Submariner 116659, as always, adopts a dense bottom design, and the screw-in crown effectively ensures the waterproof performance of the watch. The strap adopts a three-row chain design. The special buckle design allows the wearer to extend the strap by about 20 mm at a length of 2 mm per measure without the use of any tools. This blue Submariner, as the name suggests, the overall color is blue . I think this touch of blue must be the favorite of many men. It is more flexible and vivid than the green circle, and more concise and clear than the Coke circle. It also reveals a touch of melancholy, which fully reflects the steady gentleman charm and low-key fashion style.

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